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Ball 2011 - Charities

Vakok Batthyány László Római Katolikus Gyermekotthona, Általános Iskola
The László Batthyány Institute is a live-in place. They teach blind, handicapped and mentally disabled children, sometimes even children with multiple disabilities. The aim is for them to reach their full potential despite disabilities.
Brussels Hungarian House
The Ball Committee also chose to support the renovation of a burnt down room in the Brussels Hungarian House. This Art Nouveau building gives home to three organisations:
The Hungarian Catholic Mission, Federation of Hungarians in Belgium, World Federation of Hungarians, Brussels office. The Hungarian house organizes many events that include catholic and protestant church services, scout meetings, cultural events and concerts. It not only helps Hungarians to maintain their culture and identity, it helps their integration into the Belgian society. It is also a place helping young artists by providing a venue for their first concerts and exhibitions.
Thanks to the generosity of our guests and sponsors, the 2011 Ball could support the projects with 1000 euro.
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