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Ball 2012 - Charities

The Child Welfare Office of the Balatonfüred Centre for Basic Social Services

The office deals with children with multiple social disadvantages living in the micro region of Balatonfüred. It is a great difficulty for parents who bring up their child alone, and are in some cases unemployed, to take care of their children and pass values and right behavioural patterns on to them. The current project of the Office “Let’s Learn While Camping” aims to significantly contribute to the children’s physical, spiritual and mental development and wellbeing. Taking the age characteristics and needs of the campers into account, experts will help them not only to acquire community values and standards, but also to use them on a daily basis. This provides a firm background for the children’s personality and social skills to develop and an opportunity for them to gain their own experience in social interactions. The atmosphere, in which these children grow up and spend their days, unfortunately cannot ensure this, which makes the project so vitally important for them.

Thanks to the generosity of our guests and sponsors, the 2012 Ball could support the project with 1 million forints.

Saint Francis Foundation of Déva

The Foundation was established in 2002, primarily to support the child protecting homes, schools and daycare centres run by the Franciscans of Transylvania. It helps disadvantaged children in their daily needs, such as accommodation, meals, nursing, education and finding or providing jobs for them. Today more than 2000 children are taken care of in 21 child homes and 45 daycare centres. In 2010, a new home was opened for 20 children next to Marosvásárhely, in Dózsa György. In order to cope with financial difficulties, this home intends to be a self‐reliant in the future. Also, children must learn the basics of gardening, fruit and vegetable production not only to develop a positive attitude towards work but also to provide for their future home. To achieve this, the Dózsa György Child Home is to be extended with a vegetable garden and an orchard protected by fence on a one hectare area.

Thanks to the generosity of our guests and sponsors, the 2012 Ball could support the project with 0.5 million forints.

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