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Tótágas 2 - The Plays

Zsuzsanna Dákai
was the show designer and directed the plays "Snow-White" and "Administration". 
Cast of 23, show team of 40, 7 sketches, 2 choreographies, 8 songs. It did feel like the world upside down a number of times, but we enjoyed the preparations very much. For me the show is of particular importance, as it depicts in theatrical form my favourite artistic style: impressionism. It is colourfully chaotic, full of movement and flavour, playfully light and entertaining.
Enjoy the second musical cabaret of our company, this time on main stage!

Andor Ürmös
was the music director of the Tótágas production and accompanied it by the piano.
Hopefully, we can hand over the great atmosphere to the audience, what we have experienced during the musical rehearsals! It was an extremely colourful and exciting work, the songs of the show cover the period from 1920s to 70s. An excellent team came together, which should continue this work.

Imre Csaba Bartos
directed the plays "Wait for Jegenye" and "Választék". 
We build on our own experience to interpret and deal with new situations. We see them via the goggles of our own small view of the world. The trouble is that life suprises us with situations where behaviours we believe to be generally accepted do not work. At such occasions we cannot control ourselves, and our behaviour becomes a laughing stock. Let’s laugh together at the characters, let’s laugh together at ourselves.
Balázs Nyúl-Donka
directed the play "Hacsek and Sajó in Brussels"
I would like to offer our dear spectators a nice recipe called "Hacsek and Sajó in Brussels". Take two emblematic Hungarian cabaret characters from early 20th century, mix them with the "milieu bruxellois" and add a teaspoon of current affairs. Bake it for 8 minutes and enjoy!
Béla Dajka
directed the play "The Beast"
Fashionable trends can easily confuse the imagination of a bored housewife. She is ready to turn the household upside down because of them. The one thing she cannot fight is vanity.
Beáta Zádori
directed the play "The Silly Woman"
This show is a journey in the time from the 20s to the present. Enjoy the songs and dances,
laugh at the different problems of the different people.
Comedies help us think positive.


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