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Tótágas, musical cabaret - the plays

Zsuzsanna Dákai
was the show designer of the Tótágas production and directed the play "City Centre".
Cast of 20, show team of 50, 8 scripts, 3 language version, 2 stages. It did feel like the world upside down a number of times, but we enjoyed the preparations very much. For me the show is of particular importance, as it realises a dream. For the first time, music gets centre stage in my theatrical production. Enjoy the first musical cabaret of our company!

Dénes Dosztán
was the music director of the Tótágas production and accompanied it by the piano.
It is a pleasure to take part as a musician in this production, where different forms of art meet. I enjoyed the preparations with the singers very much, this is the type of work I like most. I trust our in our show the love of this wonderful international language, music, will captivate our audience and every participant will feel richer by the experience.

Renáta Cserjési
directed the plays "Woodcutters" and "Bözsike"
Theatre expresses human conflits, it shows us both conscious and unconscious emotional processes and behaviours. In this show we pick out, distort and colour scenes from everyday life. Let us present you, if not solutions, but variations to the theme. Comedy makes us laugh and laugh is a cure for many illnesses. In my work, I study human behaviour. Theatre is a natural extension of this in a different environment. I hope you like my experiment.
Imre Csaba Bartos
directed the plays "Mute Man" and "Coalman".
We build on our own experience to interpret and deal with new situations. We see them via the goggles of our own small view of the world. The trouble is that life suprises us with situations where behaviours we believe to be generally accepted do not work. At such occasions we cannot control ourselves, and our behaviour becomes a laughing stock. The comedy in both of my plays comes from an unusual situation, a misunderstanding. Let’s laugh together at the characters, let’s laugh together at ourselves

Dany Marbaix


directed the plays 'Honeymoners on a flypaper" and "Mr Gullible".


Adonis Danieletto


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