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gyermek program
Csiribiri, weekly music programme
for girls and boys of 0-12 years of age
 Since 2007 via the programme we introduce the Hungarian musical heritage to babies and children using songs, games, dancing, folk tales accompanied by musical instruments.
The aim of the BabaÉnek group is to raise the interest of small children in classical music and to make them familiar with Hungarian folksongs. We welcome babies upto 4 years of age together with their parents or grandparents. The classes are organised weekly during the school year.
The aim of the TücsökMuzsika group is to familiarise children with live classical music in a creative way. During the classes singing accompanied by musical instruments, rythmic exercises and games get centre stage. We welcome children of 4 to 8 years of age, the participation of parents is not necessary. The classes are organised weekly during the school year.
The aim of the HangszerOrszág group is to familiarise children with different musical instruments. At each class a guest musician presents the "story" his/her instrument. Participants will discover how the instrument is played, what type of melodies it can best perform. We welcome children upto 12 years of age who can also get their "hands on" the instruments. The classes are organised once a month during the school year.
Participants of the BabaÉnek and TücsökMuzsika groups are automatically enrolled in the HangszerOrszág classes, but it is possible to register exclusively for the HangszerOrszág group.
Our curricula is based on Hungarian folkmusic, children's songs and classical music. To develop the Hungarian language skills of participating children we also teach them rhymes, tales and poems.
 Fees per child:
BabaÉnek & TücsökMuzsika groups:
155 euro per term with asbl full membership
146 euro per term with asbl associate membership
second child from the same family: 70 euro discount
trial class: free of charge
card for 10 classes: 131 euro
card for 5 classes: 71 euro
(these cards are only valid for 1 term)
275 euro for one child with full membership
425 euro for two children with full membership
offer valid for registrations paid by 10 September 2018, asbl gift package with each year registration
HangszerOrszág group:
140 euro per year with asbl full membership
131 euro per year with asbl associate membership
second child from the same family: 50 euro discount
Contact us: or +32 477 08 62 00
Op-Weule Cultural Centre
rue Saint-Lambert 91, 1200 Brussels
(4 minutes walk from Roodebeek metro stop)

Dates & Times:
BabaÉnek & TücsökMuzsika groups:
Thursdays from 5.30 p.m. to 6.15 p.m.
excluding school holidays
16-17 classes per term
classes started on 6 September 2018.
HangszerOrszág group:
Thursdays from 5.30 p.m. to 6.15 p.m.
excluding school holidays, once every month
10 classes per year
classes started on 27 September 2018.

Zsuzsanna Tarcsay, violin artist
Kinga Ludvai, flute and recorder artist
music professors
with the help of guest musicians
The programme is only open to members of arcFAM Association. The yearly membership fee is included in the participation fee above. Full members are entitled to vote at the general assembly of the association and to a 5 euro discount per family at the events organised by the association.
enlightened How to sign-up for the Csiribiri Programme:enlightened
1. Register online for the 2018/19 school year:
BabaÉnek & TücsökMuzsika at this link,
HangszerOrszág at this link.
2. Join arcFAM Association (one parent) by downloading the membership form here, and returning it by e-mail.
3. Transfer the participation fee to our account IBAN: BE16 6430 0439 3874. 


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