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Children's programmes

Since 2007 we introduce the Hungarian musical heritage to babies and children using songs, games, dancing and folk tales accompanied by musical instruments.
Our drama group for children started in 2013. Improvisation, roleplaying, stage games, acting exercises, movement exercises, self-expression and games form an intergral part of the classes.
In the autumn of 2015 we launch our drama group for teens and young adults. Singing, dancing, pantomime, comedy and tragedy will all be part of the improvisation during the classes.
BabaÉnek group (0 to 4)
aims to raise the interest of small children in classical music and to make them familiar with Hungarian folksongs. 
TücsökMuzsika group (4 to 7)
its playful music sessions aim to familiarise children with live classical music in a creative way.
Mikkamakka Junior (6 to 8) &
Mikkamakka Teens (9 to 12)
Children participating in the Mikkamakka drama group learn to express their everyday joy and sorrow via theatrical exercises and games. The term closes with an on-stage performance for family and friends.
The group aims to include those 15 to 20 years olds who are interested in the world of theatre. The classes provide those intrigued by the magic of drama with the opportunity to develop their talent, self-confidence, performing skills and to discover that theatre is great fun. 
For more details on the programme please see the Csiribiri page.
For more details on the programme please see the Mikkamakka page.
For more details on the programme please see the Diákszínpad page.
Special Events
We organise music and cultural events for children on a bimonthly basis (concerts, theatre performances). For more details on our past  and current events please click here.
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