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Fakopáncs Műhely
creative programme
for girls and boys of 2-12 years of age
Every child likes creating things. They happily and in imaginative ways express their feelings, thoughts, opinions about the world around them and illustrate them with self-made objects. 
At the creative sessions of our "Fakopáncs Atelier" we welcome children of 2 to 12 years of age. During the sessions the children can try various handiwork techniques and they can acquire new knowledge via the fun activities based on current themes. While the little ones familiarize themselves with the correct and safe use of various tools, the older ones can immerse themselves in the creative process. The familiar and cosy atmosphere also helps to improve speaking, manual and cooperative skills of the children.
Dates and Times:
22 September, 20 October 2018
10 November, 15 December 2018
19 January, 16 February 2019
23 March, 18 May 2019
Saturdays from 15:00 to 17:00

Op-Weule Cultural Centre
rue Saint-Lambert 91, 1200 Brussels
(4 minutes walk from Roodebeek metro stop)
Szilvia Pásztor-Kuster
teacher, early developer
Contribution to expenses:
card for 8 classes:
€50 for one child, €85 for two children
card for 4 classes:
€35 for one child, 55€ for two children
card for 1 class:
€10 for one child, €17 for two children
parents free of charge
 enlightened Registration online at this link. enlightened
Participation fee to be transferred to the bank account of the association: IBAN: BE16 6430 0439 3874.
Contact us: or +32 479 44 61 53
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