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‘Virtual Virtuosos’: Online arcFAM Ki-Mit-Tud 2020



We are happy to inform all talented and enthusiastic Hungarian young people in Belgium,
that arcFAM Association will organize the Ki-Mit-Tud Talent Show in 2020 as well!

The show will be online / virtual and take place on 4 July 2020.

  All entries will be individually evaluated, even if they cannot participate online.  

This special year entries will be without pre / during show stress plus grandparents and friends living in Hungary, Transylvania, the Upper and Southern Regions or any other part of the world can watch the show live.

We welcome children and young people up to the age of 18 who want to showcase their talents,
individually, in a group or with a "family performance",
in the following categories:

performance in the form of pre-recorded video
Instrumental music | Singing 

Recitation (poem, prose) Other stage production

creative work documented on photographs or video
Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures, or Other works of fine or applied art
Film | Poem, Fairy Tale, Short Story, or Other Literary Work
 Ki-Mit-Tud-2016  Ki-Mit-Tud-2016  Ki-Mit-Tud-2016  Ki-Mit-Tud-2018
Registrations are accepted until 15 June 2020 AT THIS LINK.
Recordings and photos of performances and creations are to be seent to by 26 June.
The recordings will be screened to the audience in the form of an online, interactive event.

We also welcome “backstage” recordings made in preparation for the performance, which we would present during the online show.

Each presentation will be evaluated individually by a professional jury, and we will provide outstanding participants with the opportunity to perform in our upcoming programs.

A little video montage of our 2015 talent show can be seen at this link, photos of previous shows can be found on our Facebook page.
Entry conditions:
We welcome children and young people up to the age of 18, individually or in groups maximum 4 or as a family.
In the case of a family performance, at least one of the participants must be under 18 years of age.
You can submit a maximum of 2 performances or creations per person.
The length of the performances can range from 2 to 5 minutes and the text elements are expected to be at least in part in Hungarian.
The competition is organized for amateurs, professionals can only compete in an art field other than their own.
Entry fee:
Individual performance or creation: 5 euro
Family or group performance: 10 euro
Teacher competition:
Teachers with the most students entering the show will receive special recognition!
Ki-Mit-Tud-2017  Ki-Mit-Tud-2019  Ki-Mit-Tud-2017
The organizers (Zsuzsanna Dákai, Éva Nyakas, Judit Nyul-Donka, Viktória Tarnóczi, Emese Szabó, Tamás Varga) are waiting for those interested and will try to answer any questions and comments sent to as soon as possible.
Ki-Mit-Tud-2016 Ki-Mit-Tud-2017 Ki-Mit-Tud-2018 Ki-Mit-Tud-2016
Thanks to all those who contributed to the success of the previous Hungarian Ki-Mit-Tud-s in Belgium:
- performers, their teachers and parents;
- those contributing to the organisation and running of the shows like:
Jury members: Ildikó Antal, Barna Fazakas, Elemér Fehér, Judit Kádár, Éva Nyakas, Judit Nyul-Donka, Áron Schmidt, Andor Ürmös
Hosts: Béla Dajka, Zsuzsanna Dákai, Ferenc Robinek
Stage technicians and Background workers: Ildikó Benedek, József Borbély, István Havas, Blanka Koller, Bernadett Kopár, Anita Kovács, Richárd Kovács, Helga Kreiter, Szilvia Pásztor, Gábor Ladányi, Enikő Linner-Tóth, Luca Molnár, Nema Judit Donka, Gyöngyi Oláh, Anna Pápai, Lóránt Szabó, Judit Szilágyi, Miklós Szörényi, Tamás Varga, Vilmos Voigt, Wim Jammaer
Receptionists, Buffets, Program supervisors: Veronika Barta, Anita Bodnár, Anita Csikár, Anita Kovács, Edit Lakatos, Sára Molnár, Zsuzsanna Rácz, Antónia Radnótiné Palotás, Andrea Rentka, Nóra Révész, Ariane Schockaert, Gabriella Wittlinger
Photographers, videographers: András Eszlári, Remo Savoia,
Tamás Varga
Organisers: Zsuzsanna Dákai, Anita Kovács, Viktória Tarnóczi, Andor Ürmös.


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