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az arcFAM asbl & BábKoffer Társulat presented:
theatre for babies in Hungarian
Performed by: Borbála Karádi & Zsófia Vesztl

30 November & 1 December 2019 @ GC Op-Weule
Our thanks goes to: Zsuzsanna Dákai, Zsófia Geier
Zsuzsanna Pál, Kata Tomcsányi, Tamás Varga for their help in the organisation and at the venue

on the company:
More on the show:
A magical circus - in small, for the smallest, the way two clowns imagined it.
The elephant with the shawl ears and the fearsome umbrella lion made their appearance. There was a special strongman and even a dancing dwarf!
Out of two suitcases the clowns have brought Picirkusz to life.
At the end of the show, the huge colourful stage turned into a playground where parents and children could play together.


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