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Ball 2010 - Charities

Babbelkot Social Café
A place where for 30 years people living at the margins of Belgian society, or the just lonely, have met to receive emotional support and mutual help.
Együtt A Sérült Emberekért Alapítvány

The foundation Together for disabled people, supports intellectually disabled young people in Szerencs, Hungary and the surrounding area. Their aim is to increase quality of life by organising activities to empower these young people and help them integrate into society.

Támasz Debrecen Közhasznú Egyesület
Support Debrecen Charity helps disadvantaged groups in society overcome adversity and achieve their full potential. The Charity is based in Debrecen, Hungary and concentrates on groups in that region.
Thanks to the generosity of our guests and sponsors, the 2010 Ball could support the projects with 1200 euro.
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