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Timetravel on the wings of music

arcFAM asbl presented: 
Timetravel on the Wings of Music

an interactive concert get to know the history of the violin from the middle ages to the age of Mozart in Hungarian and in Dutch
Performed by:
Katalin Hrivnák, violonist
Guy Van Waas, cemballist
5 March 2016
@ De Maalbeek Cultural Centre

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How did the violin look like at the age of the knights and troubadours? Was it different from today's shape? How did it sound like? How about during the age when the ladies and gentlemen wearing magnificent wigs roamed the court of Louis the XIV? And during the baroque age? Have you ever listened to the music of Vivaldi, Biber, Bach or Rameau? They are all composers of the baroque style and age. And let's not forget the little Mozart. He started composing for his favourite instrument the violin at the age of 5. If you like music and are curious to know more about the history of violin, come and join our journey through time. Trip will be full of excitement, we shall even sing and dance.
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